Senior Signalling Engineer

Aurizon, Queensland

HKRP is responsible for assisting with detailed design checking for Asset Renewal projects, scoping and packaging of new works for delivery by external parties, investigation and development of upgrade strategies for aging signalling assets and involvement in concept development for new connections to the Aurizon Network.


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HKRP working in partnership with TITAN ICT has been the lead engineer developing scope of works for external delivery of four interlocking renewals, Level Crossing upgrades and other minor works and led the procurement negotiations where there was no conflict of interest.
HKRP has also assisting on developing the FY20 programme of works including Train Detection, Interlocking Renewals, Digital Telemetry, Vital Disabling Panels and Level Crossing upgrades.  HKRP has advised on procurement strategies to implement future major signalling renewal projects and low cost level crossings.

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