World Engineering Day

 “If you want to change the world for the better, become an engineer.”

The overall growth of the world requires constant adaptation. We might see a bridge being built and subconsciously recognise the engineering behind the design. When it comes to sustainable engineering, it may not be as apparent to the average person what is involved.

What is sustainable engineering?

Sustainable engineering focuses primarily on the design or operating systems that do not compromise the natural environment now for generations to come. HKRP is proud to be onboard with the UK’s HS2 (High Speed 2) zero carbon rail.

HKRP has been supporting the Design Joint Venture (DJV) of Systra-Mott MacDonald with the Safety Assurance and Operations and Maintenance aspects of the Major Civils Works Contract with a goal of all rail infrastructure will use zero carbon energy, but what is zero carbon energy? Zero carbon energy means no carbon emissions are produced during its use.

HKRP’s graduate engineer Benjamin Woindrich is excited to be a part of this development and is working as a consultant for the Design Joint Venture of Systra-Mott MacDonald on the design of HS2. Ben is excited to be a part of the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) team developing system requirements for Access and Maintenance throughout the lifecycle for different asset types (earthworks such as embankments and cuttings, bridges, tunnels etc…) along the route. Ben will also be creating strategy documents which in turn will lead to the systematic production of O&M manuals for all HS2 assets for the DJV.

HKRP and the DJV are supporting HS2 being built to be the most sustainable high-speed rail in the world. Cutting carbon emissions is a big step for climate friendly travel with the hopes of rebalancing the UK economy. HKRP’s involvement on the HS2 project is a huge step towards our own climate focused aims and a prime example of sustainable engineering especially within the United Kingdom.

In conducting our work specifically on the asset and maintenance of this project is how HKRP is helping the HS2 project to achieve its overall goals of running a net zero construction for this major project whilst maintaining some of the more traditional goals such as safety.

HKRP as a company and our team are here to solve complex problems and change the world for the better.  We do this by using our certified Integrated Managed System and established Engineering Processes to improve the outcomes of projects like HS2.  

If you have a project that you would like to see how we can help you achieve a sustainable standard, contact us to find out how we can best assist your needs.

If you’re an engineer looking for a place to call home, check out our careers page and join us to create a more sustainable future for all.

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