We help clients 

define and deliver projects
in complex environments

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"Welcome to HKRP

HKRP uses critical thinking to help our clients define and deliver projects in complex environments.

We work with people from diverse backgrounds in the early stages of understanding and planning projects. HKRP specialises in working with the end goal in mind - defining what is required of the system to meet the needs, goals and objectives of multiple stakeholders.

This approach is supported by our values:

  • Integrity – We give you the right advice, even if it is not what it was expected to be
  • Professional – We understand and manage your complexity so you don’t have to
  • Responsive – We are quick to respond to your needs, knowing that delays compound the problems you need us to solve
  • Engaged – We are focused on you, solving complexity is not a part time job.

When developing solutions, we focus on understanding the whole system, its environment and the complex interactions of its elements.

We help our clients clearly define the complex problems they are facing and providing solutions they can trust." 

Hitesh Patel, Director

Our services

Transport & ITS

Our methodologies and processes helps the air, sea, land and space transport industry who want to Achieve outcomes in complex environments by understanding how the whole system fit together and not focusing on just the piece that needs to be engineered. READ MORE

ICT & Cybersecurity

Our methodologies and processes helps clients in all Industries who want to build and implement ICT and security solutions by Identifying our customer needs upfront to ensure we deliver the best solution for them and remove risk and uncertainty associated with ICT projects READ MORE


Our methodologies and processes helps manufacturing organisations who want to make significant change to their existing business model by analysing the end to end BPO and SCO and focusing on the impact on the whole system. READ MORE


Our methodologies and processes helps retail organisations who want to reduce costs by using BPO, SCO and leveraging technology where appropriate and understanding the impact on the rest of our clients’ business READ MORE


Our methodologies and processes helps utility organisations who want to provide new and innovative solutions by systematically identifying stakeholder needs and support the delivery of the intended solution into the existing environment READ MORE

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