Quantitative Analysis for Sydney Metro City and South West (SMCSW) Obstacle Detection Device

MTR Australia, New South Wales, Australia

Engaged by MTR Australia, HKRP developed a safety case to demonstrate, so far as is reasonably practicable (SFAIRP), why the proposed obstacle detector system was sufficient and why an obstacle deflector is not required in the context of the SMCSW project.

The safety case addressed the requirements to:

  • identify potential hazards entering the corridor (e.g. obstacles such as fallen tree branches, objects or tools left on track)
  • assess potential obstacles, so far as is reasonably practical, which may impact the operation of the train (including, but not limited to, damage or derailment of the train)
  • determine the likelihood and severity of the risk and to detail the current controls (operational and engineering) in place to manage said risk.

A description of potential controls able to be implemented to reduce or eliminate the risk was created in addition to a list of controls that should be pre-existing. References to similar overseas operations were made.

HKRP has also engaged with the Independent Safety Assessor (ISA) to manage and resolve findings associated with the task at hand.

HKRP has been proud to assist in analysing the assessment of risk regarding the obstacle detector system for the SMCSW.

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HKRP has been proud to assist in analysing the assessment of risk regarding the obstacle detector system.

Contact us for more details on our approach and assessments we can offer for future challenging safety arguments.

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