DOORS Administration

If you are managing your project on IBM DOORS and want assistance to set it up or need ongoing support through your project, HKRP can assist you.

IBM DOORS Next is a cloud-based requirements management tool. It allows clients to load their project documentation and split it up clause by clause. The benefit of doing this is that it allows relationships to be established between artefacts (clauses or requirements)  in different documents.

These relationships can be user-defined. It is very useful for tracing requirements from Business Requirements through Stakeholder Requirements and System Requirements using a trace or satisfies relationship. Requirements can be linked to test cases documents with a verifies/is verified by relationship.

We have our own instance of DOORS which we use to support our work with clients. If you don’t want to support your own version of DOORS HKRP can also host clients on our instance of the software.

Contact us it you would like to discuss DOORS administration on your current or futures projects.