Requirements Quality Review

If you have started on your system design journey and you are starting to swim in a sea of Requirements, there are a few common errors in developing requirements.

The most common mistake is for designers to specify the solution rather than the problem. By going down this path you may well get what you ask for but it may not meet the needs of your business. Stick to defining the problem and you may well find that one of the companies responding to your project will have a better solution.  

Requirements should be clear and verifiable. A requirement which is ambiguous or cannot be verified is of little use and will only confuse the suppliers.

HKRP has the experience to perform a review of your requirements quality to help clients to gain confidence in their process. We use DOORS Next, a cloud-based requirements management tool which can be set up to manage work flows between team members so the team can identify problems and collaborate on amendments.

Contact us if you would like to discuss a review of your project's Requirements Quality.