System Engineering Documentation

All projects depend on the quality of the documentation they produce to define and manage their deliverables. HKRP can help clients to manage their way through this topic and tailor the documentation needs of their project to deliver maximum benefit.

Systems Engineering Management Plan

The SEMP is the top-level management plan which organises and structures the Systems Engineering effort for a project... READ MORE

Mission Statements and Business Requirements Specifications

The first step in a System Engineering project approach is to define the mission and capture the business requirements... READ MORE

Stakeholders Requirements Specification (StRS)

The Stakeholders Requirement Specification documents the “needs and concerns” of all stakeholders. It is written in a language which is familiar to the people in the organisation... READ MORE

System Requirements Specification (SyRS)

Systems Requirements are written in the language of technical experts. Every Stakeholder Requirement will generate one or more System Requirements... READ MORE