Capturing Project Requirements

At HKRP we help clients capture requirements for their next project. We utilise system engineering techniques such as Use Case analysis, Functional Analysis and Scenario analysis to help our customers identify the requirements for their project.

We use these tools and techniques in a series of workshops to help our customer to focus on the problem-space. At HKRP we help customers avoid the trap of specifying solutions which can mean better solutions are overlooked, or important parts of the problem are left unspecified.

We use MBSE tools to capture and manage requirements. 

Follow the links below to learn more about this process...

System Engineering Methodology

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Use Case Analysis

Use Case analysis is a very simple tool which can help customer to understand the capabilities that their system needs to provide as well as identifying the stakeholders for the system... READ MORE

Functional Analysis

Functional Analysis is about trying to capture the Behaviour that the system “Must Do” in order to achieve its mission... READ MORE

Scenario Analysis

Scenario Analysis is about eliciting the needs of stakeholders who will use the system... READ MORE