Managing Project Requirements

Even a modest project will generate a large set of requirements which must be managed. At HKRP we help our clients manage their project requirements in several ways. Requirements should be unambiguous and verifiable. HKRP can assist clients in the Requirements Definition phase to write good requirements. If you already have a set of requirements HKRP can assist clients to review the quality of their requirement specifications to avoid misunderstandings when they are passed down to delivery teams. 

A properly formed set of requirements will also be traceable which means that if there is a change to a requirement, the team can see what other impacts the change may have on requirements up and down the requirements hierarchy. HKRP uses IBM DOORS Next as our tool to help customers to manage their requirements. DOORS not only helps companies to organise their requirements but it manages work flows to review, approve and update requirements as the project progresses.

Contact us if you would like to discuss the Requirements Management aspects of your next project.

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