Systems Engineering

Systems engineering is an interdisciplinary field of engineering and engineering management that focuses on how to design and manage complex systems over their life cycles. At its core, systems engineering utilises systems thinking principles to organise this body of knowledge.

Capturing Project Requirements

At HKRP we help clients capture requirements for their next project. We utilise system engineering techniques such as Use Case analysis, Functional Analysis and Scenario analysis to help our customers identify the requirements for their project... READ MORE

Managing Project Requirements

No matter how you have arrived at a set of requirements, even a modest project will generate a large set of requirements which must be managed. At HKRP we help our customers to manage their project requirements in several ways... READ MORE

System Engineering Documentation

All projects depend on the quality of the documentation they produce to define and manage their deliverables. HKRP can help clients to manage their way through this topic and tailor the documentation needs of their project to deliver maximum benefit... READ MORE